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Does your business need a kick start in the right direction?



Biz Momentum – Business Coaching

Do you value your time?  Do you spend a lot of your time procrastinating?
We can help kick start your business in the right direction with Biz Momentum – business coaching for  small business owners.  Trained business coaches  we will help with your goal setting, business growth, organisation, keep you motivated and best of all ACCOUNTABLE  no more excuses!


Business Coaching

With experience developing and operating successful businesses, we understand the many hurdles small business owners like you are challenged with on a day to day basis. Through our Biz Momentum coaching we help you to achieve the goals and actions set by you, for you and your business. It is all about you!



Ministry of Ground like many businesses was set up with great passion and visions of success, but after the ‘fun’ stuff of creating your dream duly subsides, the reality of running your own business sets in.  Karen has always talked to us about the difference between building the Lemon Meringue Pie VS  The SCONE (the Important recipe) ,  which we didn’t.  We built the meringue, with nothing supporting it. This is where ‘our’ Karen steps in.  Luckily, otherwise our ‘meringue’ would have flopped and the hard work wasted down the gurgler.


Initially we thought we just needed a bit of help understanding how XERO worked.  Boy, were we wrong!  We needed guidance, and a lot of it.  Karen has not only become our XERO trainer, she has become our business advisor and mentor.  She’s cracked the whip numerous times and told us things that we didn’t want to hear (and continues to do so) sometimes falling on stubborn deaf ears.  But she has persevered with us, and we have listened and made huge changes to our systems in the business.  It’s like having your school principle coming to check up on your homework, having that accountability to someone that genuinely wants to see you succeed and the knowledge to be able to give you a swift kick up the behind!

Thank you Karen, we‘d be lost without you.

Kirsty and Dan
Ministry of Ground

How can Biz Momentum help you?

  • Help you to set goals and plans for your business
  • Keep you accountable, motivated and on track
  • Allows you a sounding board without bias
  • Keep you moving forward with your plans without procrastination

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