About Karen Willis and Help my Biz

Our Help My Biz office is in Auckland 



Our experience and expertise will help you make sense of running your business! 

All our clients have different needs: some want assistance with such tasks as GST and basic bookkeeping; many others, however, recognise that they must employ a professional with skills beyond their areas of expertise. This way they can win back time and focus on building a profitable business.

Know your Business – Control your Costs – Create Profit

"Many small-to-medium sized businesses must be all things to everyone  but there are only so many hours in the day and, unfortunately, rather than spending time on their businesses (building equity for the future) they get bogged down in their business with day-to-day tasks."

Karen Willis, Company Director of Help my Biz. 

 Success fuels success for clients! 

Help My Biz  previously named Key Small Business Solutions was established in 2008 by Karen Willis. Previously, for over 15 years, Karen owned and operated two successful manufacturing and distribution firms. Both were set-up and managed on solid systems with an emphasis on staff being the greatest asset. Having businesses with good systems, able to operate without her, made them easy for a new owner when it came time to sell.

Even though her businesses were successful, Karen decided to sell. She needed to make room for an expanding family, so embarked on a new venture that would afford more work-life balance.


And she loves what she does. She’s been there and done that, as the cliche goes, and loves helping people realise their goals. “I get a real buzz out of seeing a client have a light-bulb moment and thinking they’ve finally found someone who gets what they’re going through and can help,” Karen says.

Through the use of cloud computing solutions and coaching, we can help you win back your time as well as to grow your business.

"Get on with the stuff you love doing!" Contact us to book a free 30min chat: 
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Our clients are small business owners and sole traders

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