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Help My Biz has a straight forward focus , we want small business owners and sole traders to succeed with less stress! Read our testimonials. 


Thank you!!!

Just wanted to write and thank you for all your help, helping me to set up my new Company, and teaching  / training me to use Xero for myself.  You have been very patient, and understanding of some of my challenges.  I did have someone else helping me, but you are by far……Better!!!

Thank you. Desmond Burdon.
Palm Leaf Plates

So patient! 

I have worked with Karen since March 2012. I came into contact with her through my husband who has been using Help My Biz with our Residential Building company. Karen had been doing all our invoicing, GST and helping set up systems for our business to run smoothly. I came on board to help Mark with the accounts side of things. Now I am a Mental health Nurse and accounts GST and systems are like talking Japanese to me – I have no idea. However, with spending time with Karen she has guided me through the whole process. I now feel like I am starting to make some head way with Xero, and it is slowly but surely starting to make sense. Karen takes the time to go through things with me step by step and she never seems to get frustrated with my lack of knowledge or constant asking of the same questions.

I would highly recommend Karen and Help My Biz to anyone who is wanting to know about Xero and getting systems in place to help their business run smoothly.
Ruth Waller,  Waller Projects Ltd,



Ministry of Ground like many businesses was set up with great passion and visions of success, but after the ‘fun’ stuff of creating your dream duly subsides, the reality of running your own business sets in.  Karen has always talked to us about the difference between building the Lemon Meringue Pie VS  The SCONE (the Important recipe) ,  which we didn’t.  We built the meringue, with nothing supporting it. This is where ‘our’ Karen steps in.  Luckily, otherwise our ‘meringue’ would have flopped and the hard work wasted down the gurgler.

initially we thought we just needed a bit of help understanding how XERO worked.  Boy, were we wrong!  We needed guidance, and a lot of it.  Karen has not only become our XERO trainer, she has become our business advisor and mentor.  She’s cracked the whip numerous times and told us things that we didn’t want to hear (and continues to do so) sometimes falling on stubborn deaf ears.  But she has persevered with us, and we have listened and made huge changes to our systems in the business.  It’s like having your school principle coming to check up on your homework, having that accountability to someone that genuinely wants to see you succeed and the knowledge to be able to give you a swift kick up the behind!

Thank you Karen, we‘d be lost without you.

Kirsty and Dan
Ministry of Ground

Very approachable!

I stumbled across the website of Help My Biz online one day, just as I was about to give up on my accounting system. Karen was very approachable and introduced me to XERO Online accounting which seemed too good to be true at the start. However, I am absolutely delighted at how simple it is to use and how it has enabled my bookwork to be cost effective, up to date, secure and accurate. I love that I can access it anywhere and that Karen can monitor my business transactions if I want a break from the business for a few weeks.
I spend a lot less time on the books now and Karen is always only a phone call away, ready and willing to help if I have any queries. It simply took a few hours coaching and support and is such a relief to know that running a small business can be easy as well as saving time and money with Xero and Karen’s expertise. I recommend them both!
Val Boag,  Renew Waterproofing Ltd

Karen from Help My Biz previously named Key Small Business Solutions has been a tremendous help to our business. She has provided guidance & support that will enable us to grow our company. We now have a software programme that keeps track of all our business transactions which Karen has customised specifically for our needs. GST returns used to take hours to complete and can now be done within minutes. We would highly recommend the services provided by Karen.
Ezra Clark & Trish Rua,
Lone Kauri Construction Ltd

You are a star!

No more hours of invoicing and GST returns. Not even a pile of paper invoices pinned to the notice-board anymore.
I recently joined the 21st century and joined up to XERO. I love it and all that it does, it has honestly made life so much easier, or at least Karen has for putting me on it. It would have been impossible without her help and I probably would have given up by now.
Thanks Karen you are a star.   

Christopher Hope, Property Pics

I want to say how much I appreciate your preparation of the Xero records for our company year end tax accounts; our chartered accountant was extremely impressed. Thank you for teaching me how to use Xero correctly and letting me ask “dumb” questions, this meant I was more confident using the software during the year. Your guidance, attention to detail and expert Xero knowledge was so valuable, thanks again.

Danni Barnes, Company Director, Buzz Marketing NZ Ltd.

Professional approach and proven knowledge! 

We initially employed Karen to educate us on our Xero accounting programme and to iron out problems we had encountered since our system was set up. It soon became apparent that she was also able to assist with our Unleashed Inventory Software program. We are mainly importers, so Karen has been able to streamline our inwards freight system, while taking the confusion out of the foreign exchange and landed cost process. Karens service and professional approach has proved invaluable to our business. We have no hesitation in recommending Karens professional business services to other businesses.
Taleia & Tony Woodhouse